Charles Davey Harris

Charles Davey Harris

Parents of Charles Davey Harris

 Emma and Charles Harris

Charles Harris
Born 23 February 1866 at Swadicott, England
Attended Shebbear College, later working as a Farmer at Weare Giffard
5 September 1989 at Northam, England married
Emma Eliza Cock (born 24 May 1868)
Emma was from "Ashridge", Bideford, North Devon, England
She played the organ at the Methodist Churches at Northam and Buckland Brewer, Devon
Moved to New Zealand in September 1889, where they had five children
 Charles died 9 March 1934 and Emma on 14 June 1952

 Sibling of Charles Davey Harris

Helen Harris  Helen (Nell) Harris
  Born at Rangiora
  14 May 1892
  Died 2 March 1979

Fanny Eliza Harris  Fanny Eliza Harris   
  Born at Rangiora   
  30 July 1894   
  Died 21 December 1979   

James Edmund Harris  James Edmund Harris
  Born at Rangiora
  2 February 1897
  Died 16 November 1961

John Harris  John (Jack) Harris   
  Born at Rangiora   
  13 June 1905   
  Died 12 November 1963