Charles Davey Harris

Charles Davey Harris


Frederick Robinson, a friend of Charles and served in the same platoon.

Oct 8th 1917

Dear Mr Harris

I am enclosing the personal papers Charlie had in behind the line. The papers, paybook, etc which he had on him at the time are in charge of the authorities. Charlie was very deeply respected by the company as a whole & especially by those in his platoon. He was working very hard carrying out the wounded & the same shell killed both him and the padre, Oct 4th.

Yours in deepest sincerity
Frederick Robinson

PS We ate a cake which was sent to Charlie, many thanks for it.

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Corporal Booker, a school friend of Fnny Harris and good friend of Charles.

Nov 4th, 1917

Dear Fanny

No doubt you will be surprised to hear from me, but thinking it was my duty to drop you a few lines and tell you how your brother Charlie met his death. Well up to the time he met his fate he was stretcher bearing & was doing splendid work having been up to the front line & back to the dressing station about seven times when a shell landed very close & I think by what information I can gather he was struck by a piece of the shell & death was instantaneous. It is thought the same shell killed several, our Padre was also a victim. It is no doubt very sad but still there are thousands meet their death every day on the battlefields. Charlie is one of many whom have given their lives for their country, we do not know from one day to another what comrades are going to be taken from us. Well, I must say Charlie was an excellent soldier with no end of good points & you should be proud to know your brother has done his duty. When the sad news reached us a deep feeling of sorrow went through all who knew him & he is greatly missed. The war seems as though it will drag on for sometime yet, once we were in hopes of it finishing by Xmas but not now. The weather is starting to get very cold here now, but it is nothing to what it will be. When up in the line we had a very rough time but still you will see by your papers that very good work was done. Well, I think I shall have to bring these few lines to a close, hoping this finds you well.

Yours Sincerely
Cpl Brooker

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