Charles Davey Harris

Charles Davey Harris


My mother is Christine Helen Sutherland (nee Whyte) and her mother is Fanny Eliza Whyte (nee Harris).

As a boy, I was fascinated with the pictures and souvenirs that grandma had at her Scargill residence regarding her brother Charles. In later years she handed these items on to me, which I have treasured and kept safe. Now wanting to share these with others, I decided the best medium to do so is via the web, thus the creation of this site.

However as always the case, I now have many more questions about Charles I would love to have asked grandma, but that is no longer possible. Snippets of information have been gleaned from family members and from this I have compiled what was known about Charles.

During my research into the Battles of Ypres and Passchendaele, I came across one paragraph that to me summarises this war:

‘On the 31 July 1917 British troops began their attempt to break out of the Ypres Salient. The ensuring battle encompassed some of the most wretched conditions endured by any of the belligerent armies, and came to epitomize the futility and pathos of the whole of the First World War.’

Mark Sutherland

If anyone has information or photographs of Charles and would like to add these to this website, please contact me via email at:


   Mark A. Sutherland
   Wanganui, NZ